Hello there! This tool will analyze a twitter account and give you stats about it.
For instance, it will give you:

  • Average followers earned every week
  • Percents of replies and retweets they make
  • Good and bad suggestions to improve the account

You can use it in two ways

  • Analyze your account to improve it.
  • Analyze an influencer account to check his performance
  • Analyze a competitor account to get key data about his performance

The objective is to analyze qualitatively an account. There are several personal insights added along the numbers.

Check your account

Enter the handle you want to look at:


Kate Gray
Game Journalist

Game brand

Concept Artist

Reb. Cordingley
Game Developer

Studio 404
Tech Podcast

Roxanne Varza
Tech Influencer

Thomas Bidaux
Game Marketer

Music Band

Feel free to tell me if you want to be removed from the suggestions.